My name’s Tatiana but I go on the Internet by Tati MoonS 💔 I’m a digital artist, and I’m also the one running this cheesy website for y’all in order to offer physical stuff of my art while being able to keep creating more content.

Even tho I paint since I was a child, I created my first digital illustrations in June 2016 and in January 2017 I started to use Instagram as a platform to share my creations. But, to be honest, digital shit was hard for me so I didn’t paint that much back then (I could make one drawing per month, if so). I kept practicing and I eventually got better. I’m not sure how it happened, but my account started to grow as I posted new art, making possible a living from art, so fucking thank you all for the people who contributed cus even a follow made a difference. ❤️

For my supplies, I’ve always used a Wacom Intuos Tablet in the size small and I have no plans on changing it. You can find any in Amazon for about 70€. Note that it has no screen so it’s hard to get used to it, or at least it was for me. For software, I use Paint Tool Sai 2. The details on my paintings are made by hand with the default pens, so there are no brushes for that!