How old are you?

I'm 19 years old


How long have you been drawing?

Since I could hold a pencil!


How long have you been doing digital stuff?

Since June 2016


What program do you use?

Paint Tool Sai and sometimes Photoshop CS6


What tablet do you have?

Wacom Intuos Art (small)


What brushes do you use?

For Paint Tool Sai I use default one but most of them are custom ones, and for Photoshop CS6 I use default ones and Jonas de Ro ones.


Do you use references?

Usually! Especially when there is something I never painted before. I think using references helped me a lot, for example I never use references for hair or eyes anymore since I used to utilize them a lot, so now I know how hair and eyes works and I can paint them by memory.


Did you go to art school?

Not really; when I finished my studies at 16, I decided to go to art school before College, but I only did one of the two years since I did learnt nothing. So then I used my free time learning how to draw digital art.


Are you planning study something related?

Maybe I'll go to a tattoo college or something - I would love to learn how to tattoo!!!


What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration?

Every little thing! I am always keeping my mind with creative content stuff such as music, videogames, websites where I can see art or designs... I like using my DeviantArt and Artstation to find new art or artist! It helps me a lot.


What artists inspired you?

All the artists I follow on DeviantArt and Artstation, check them out!!!


What did you do to improve? How can I improve?

Practicing every day - I was always watching tutorials and timelapse videos but the true is that I never got better until I started painting everyday. Trust me!


How did you find your style/how can I find my style?

I don't know, I think style is something that comes along while you paint, and the more you paint, the more you develop your own style. You will find the way you like painting things and the rest is done!


How do you deal with an art block?

I usually don't have art blocks but when I have, it seems like they last almost forever. I'm always creating things and getting inspired - I play the Sims 4 a lot and I'm always designing new stuff there, I play videogames, I'm on Pinterest or Youtube... So I can always have any little idea that develops in something bigger. I always force myself and never let me stop painting, even if I only paint small doodles.


Do you have moments when you feel your art sucks?

Almost every day in my life, that's why I'm so strict with my painting; I always see mistakes on them and I want to improve. But doesn't stop me and instead of giving up I try.


Can you paint 'insert here any character'?

If I find it interesting, I will add the character to my 'things I want to paint' list. If not, I'm sorry but the only way I could make that painting would be through a commission.


Can you paint 'insert here any character' using my idea?

No. When someone suggest me to paint X character, I will paint the idea I have of that character, not your idea. If you want me to paint anyone as you want, you have to submit a commission, sorry.


Can you dou x tutorial?

Hereinafter they will be at my Patreon page.


How do you give your drawings that glow?

Screen mode + Luminosity mode


Can you paint me (for free)? *sends 43 selfies*



Can you paint me a design? I will promote you!



Can you send me a HD painting so I can print it myself instead of buying a print?

xddd no