sketches: flat/gradient colors are free. detailed background prices start at 50$

illustrations: flat/gradient colors and nebulosas/light background are free. other backgrounds prices start at 80$


this is applied if you want me to create/design something in the artwork, or the entire artwork itself. what’s more, any type of commission that does not include any reference photo count as a design too, or if you send me a picture to get inspired by. Prices start at 50$ for design.

skip the waitlist

Stop all the commissions i'm doing at that moment and start yours, or having the commission done before the 15 days for sketches/30 days for illustrations (this option is not always available) | Price are 50$ for sketches and 75$ for illustrations

additional elements

(this depends on size/complex so references or descriptions would be really appreciated!)

floral crowns | starting at 30$/sketch and 50$/illustration

tattoos | starting each one at 10$/sketch and 20$/illustration

hats, caps, etc | starting at 30$/sketch and 50$/illustration

messy hair/complex hairstyles | starting at 30$/sketch and 70$/illustration

blood/fire | starting at 15$/sketch and 25$/illustration

animals and additional people | you can check it individually in the main commissions pictures. starting at 200$/sketch and 400$/illustration

other elements not mentioned before | starting at 50$/sketch and 100$/illustration*