While accepting a commission from me, these terms will be applied. If you do not agree with any, please let me know before confirmating this payment.

· Please respect my schedule (Mon-Fri, 9.30AM-2.30PM) I may not reply that fast if I am not working.

· My artwork is copyright so you can't claim the art as your own or edit it. Do not hide or crop my sign to avoid copyright infringement.

· This information is for personal use only so any use for commercial work (illustrations for books, using my art as a logo, etc.) will be legally punished since I have the copyright of the art.

· It can take me days to start your request.

· Sketches are finished within 15 days and illustrations within 30 days you paid the invoice, but I can't tell an exactly deadline. Waiting time increases if your comm is complex.

· You will get a 2000×2828px final painting sent digitally to your email or shared in a google drive folder. If you want Works In Progress ask for them before I start this commission or they might not be available then.

· You can ask for printed and shipped commission before I finish your request, but you also own 15 days after I'm done with your request to ask for it.

· Make your request as clear as possible; when I send you the finished commission, you can ask two minor changes at most, and then every minor change will be at least +20$ for sketches and +40$ for illustrations. Additional fees will be applied if you want me to add/change something that wasn't mentioned in a first place.

· If you want me to change something that appears on your reference you have to let me know before I start the painting, or additional fees may be applied.

· I do not make hyper realistic paintings. so your request could not look exactly like your reference(s). Please make sure you like my style and how I recreate commissions.

· There are not returns or refunds available.

· Let me know if you want to be an anonymous commissioner and/or do not want me to post the commission and/or the references provided

· You accept you own and have the rights of all the materia and references you send me.