How does this work?

Quick answer: first of all you contact me. When you send me all the info I ask and we're both happy with the price I would send you a Paypal invoice (which can be accepted with a Paypal account or credit/debit card). When I finally start your request, I would send you a simple colored lineart. At this statement, you have to make any change such as colors, poses, clothes... since changes won't be possible once your commission is done, unless you accept additional fees for the extra work.


Do I need a Paypal account?

No! In that case, let me know. If you don't own a paypal account, I would send a paypal invoice to your current email and you can accept it with your credit/debit card or with your bank account!


What do I get? Can you ship my order?

Initially, you get a full HD 3000×3765px 300 dpi final painting sent digitally to your email.

And of course I can ship your order, I ship internationally! You can ask for printed commissions before or even after I finish your request. At the moment I only provide sending two sizes for commissions, 148x210mm an 210x297mm.


Do you provide Works in Progress?

Yes, in case you want WIPs ask for them before I start the commission. If you don't request them then, they might not be able when I finish this painting.


Can I pay you after you do the comm?

No, I charge the full price before I start the painting.


Can I pay you in several times?

Yes you can, but I can't start the painting until the full invoice has been paid.


When will you start my commission?

Unless you have one of the first spots, it will take me a week or two weeks to start your request.


When will you finish my commission?

Sketches commissions are finished within 15 business days you paid the invoice and illustrations commission are finished within 30 business days you paid the invoice. Deadline can increase if you purchased a painting with more than one person, with a background and so on...


Can I use the painting for commercial stuff? How much are commercial costs?

Yes, you can use the painting for commercial things, but you have to pay commercial rights. Contact me in that case since I can't tell properly how much do I charge since the price can vary a lot! I usually ask about +100$ for commercial uses, but remember that I won't charge the same amount to a girl who wants me to design a cover for her indie book, that to a bussiness man that will sell thousands of t-shirts with my art.