Shipping and orders F.A.Q


Do you ship internationally?
Yes, I ship everywhere in the world!!! Please make sure you have written your correct address at the checkout, so your order can arrive safely to you! If the address you provided is incorrect or undeliverable, and you want your order to be re-shipped, I will charge you for re-shipment. International shipments may incur additional customs fees, which are the responsibility of the recipient.


Do you accept credit card/debit card/PayPal?
Yes, I accept credit card, debit card, and PayPal. All prices are in Euros (€) but all currencies will be accepted at the current exchange rate.


Do you accept other currencies?
Yes! Although the prices are listed in Euros (€), all currencies are accepted at the current exchange rate.


What shipping method do you use?
For all my orders I use Spain Mail. You can choose between 'ordinary' type and 'certified' type. See differences in the next question! Ordinary ones are available for 2,50€ if you live in Europe and for 3,50€ if you live anywhere else, while certified ones cost 7,50€ if you live in Europe and 9,50€ if you live anywhere else.


Which differences are between the shipping modes 'ordinary' and 'certified'?
Ordinary orders do not have a tracking number so you can't check where your package is, while you can do that with certified orders. I never got an ordinary package lost, but please consider that I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages in case you decided to hire the ordinary shipping.


Do you offer tracking?
Yes, they are called 'certified' shipping. Packages with tracking number are available for 7,50€ if you live in Europe and for 9,50€ if you live anywhere else! You can select this at the checkout and I will send it's tracking number via email.


When will my order arrive?
Please allow up to 5-10 business days for your order to be prepared and shipped! Thanks in advance for your patience. After your order is shipped, delivery time depends on your location and local post office, but it usually takes from 2 to 20 business days.


The tracking link says my package has been delivered but I can't find it!!!
If this happens to you, you should try and ask your local post office, as your postal carrier may have left your package with a neighbor or may be attempting to deliver it again. If you have contacted your postal services and they are unable to help you locate your package, you totally have to contact me.


Do the prints have a margin/border?
Yes! The margin will vary depending on the original ratio of the artwork, but there is about 1cm so you can easily frame it!


Are the prints signed by you, Tati MoonS?
Of course!


How are prints packaged?
Small and medium sizes are placed into a protective plastic sleeve with a chipboard to ensure the envelope doesn't bend. Big sizes are placed into a protective plastic sleeve and rolled up in a cylindrical shipping tube.